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I just received some awesome news from Amanda in Missouri, or some hopefully awesome news! I guess I will know more in the next week or not if we will be spending my birthday together or not! I sure hope so. Chatting with her tonight made me sad we no longer live down the street from each other! I'm just so excited that there is the possibility we may get to see one another! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been emailing non-stop tonight and my hands are so tired, so nighty night!


I'm tired and so sore....tomorrow is going to suck on so many different levels, thank goodness I bought those powdered doughnuts, sure they are unhealthy but at least I will be on a sugar rush. oh well.

By the way running into co-workers at the gym is so awkward..I do not want my co-workers seeing me all sweaty and disgusting, at least I think the guy was high so maybe he won't remember our encounter. LOL.

Yay its officially Thursday, I hate that I'm awake to share that! Goodnight!

I hope Bush gets impeached!

So last week I received a forward from my Aunt (my dad's sister) and I was surprised because I did not know she had my email. I sent her an email back just saying thanks for the email and since then we have been emailing each other back and fourth. It's been really interesting since I really don't know her or my cousins, well actually I hardly know her, I've only met her as a baby so clearly I don't remember her. It's been fun receiving emails everyday from her and getting to know one another. I just always assumed my dad's family never wanted to know me but maybe that is not completely true. I'm really glad I took the opportunity to send an email. I sent it hoping this would be the outcome but I'm learning a lot about my Aunt and cousins. Who knows maybe we will actually meet someday.

Anyways, off to the gym!

F is for friends:

I just finished talking with Angela and I am so glad I got to talk with tonight, it has been way too long! She is definitely one of my friends I miss dearly! I just am so glad we had the opportunity to sorta get caught up in each others lives, thank goodness for friends! I just wish she lived closer she is crazy and I need some of her craziness to make life just a little more interesting!

I'm scared.

Let me just say that today I did something I have not done in a really long time. I had to go inside and pay for gas because Circle K's gas pumps suck. Anyways, so first I had to play the guessing game to figure out how much my gas was going to cost, I figure 40.00 would get me a full tank or close. So as the guy is running my card and I notice for the first time in my life the price of cigs. I never pay attention but I seriously do not know how people afford to smoke. The cheapest pack I saw was I think $4.69 and most packs cost between 5-6 dollars. A carton *maybe that's the correct terminology* was 43.00.

Between cigs and gas you are spending over a 100.00, that's insane. I mean I say tax the hell out of smokers but c'mon this gas thing is getting outrageous. Heather called me today and told me gas was $4.59 by her house. I hate to say it but I think we are going to be paying $5.00 this summer, that's insane. It feels like nobody is trying to stop the price from getting any higher. I am so thankful that I have the money to afford gas but what about the people who were already struggling before gas prices went up? If they were struggling then I cannot imagine how they are handing it now. It's sad and I cannot imagine how much worse things can get.

I actually can imagine it and I have this fear Bush has messed up our economy so much that we are going to end up in a depression. It's something I'm really scared about, I do not want to end up like the 1920's. I just can't believe how much debt Bush put our country in. The cost of the dollar bill is basically a joke anymore and it honestly does not seem as if Bush is trying anymore. If I hear him say history will show I'm a good president one more time, omg! Forget about history, what about here and now? What about the idiots who voted for you to be the leader of this country. I just cannot believe you have failed them so badly. I did not like John Kerry but I cannot imagine he would have made these idiotic mistakes.

The more I read and the more I learn, the more I'm convinced nobody has Americans as a true interest and concern. Bush is willing to take away our credibility, oil companies are willing to gouge us so they make more money. I mean really who or what is serving in our interest?

I just cannot believe people think McCain in the answer to all these problems we have as a country. It's like are you an idiot? These people who are Hillary supporters who would rather vote for McCain over Obama are such idiots. I already question our country's intelligence but I really think people should have to take a test to vote. They should require you to read each opponents stance on views and to base your vote on which candidates views are the closest to yours and not I'm a girl and Hilary's a girl so I can only vote for her.

Ugh stupidity pisses me off more than anything. I mean I am not the smartest person by any means but it scares me how many people are worse off then me in the intelligence department. Lord help us, if you even are out there!

An awkward duckling I am

Let me just start off by saying, I'm weird. I'm becoming so bad about socializing and making friends and meeting new people. Heck, I guess I'm not even really socializing with the ones I have. I guess I've just adapted to this not having people to hang around with and its not really bothering me like it once was. I think because I spend so much time talking to Chad's parents I guess they are satisfying that need to talk to somebody. Granted I shouldn't be ignoring my friends and I'm really not because its not as if I'm not returning phone calls or anything. I'm just not making the effort with anyone and it not even on purpose. I haven't felt like talking to anyone. In perspective I am probably one of the lamest people if you look at my life and how little I do and how I'm only around Chad but I really am the happiest I've been in such a long time. I feel like I'm at a pretty good spot in life (if only Chad's house would sell).

Today at work was a great opportunity to socialize and maybe make new friends and what did I do, I left early because I had no one to socialize with. I get uncomfortable just sitting with people I hardly know and I'm just not outgoing enough or charismatic to make friends right off the bat like Chad does. I'm really okay with that but perhaps I need to change my ways somewhat? I dunno....I guess I'm just socially awkward and that's okay by me. Eventually, I will snap out of this phase. Just had to get that out there.

Pointless but worth stating

My impression of Tazzie the cat



He won't stop meowing, he wants ice cream!

Must go to gym after I finish my Hansen's All Natural Cane Soda- Cherry Vanilla Flavor...with only 42 grams per serving how can this not be healthy for me?

And 43 carbs....ugh gonna be a long workout tonight, lol
I am sitting here listening to my Zune and I really don't think I could ever get sick of Dave Matthews Band. Every song from every cd reminds me of one of the many concerts I've seen. I know inquiring minds are wondering what dmb song is my favorite live?

Its a weird selection but Smooth Rider Baby which is off the Stand Up cd. I think thats the name of the cd. Anyways, that song really got me hot and bothered its was incredibly sexy preformed live. It's funny cause I'm not a huge fan of the song otherwise just the live version.

Anyways, this weekend I finally purchased a gym membership! I am thinking starting in July maybe swimming? I wanna loose a little belly pudge before I brake the swim suit out, not that I have very much to loose but I know swimming is really good cardio!

I've just picked up my old hobby of photoshop. Well I never got into it the first time only for a few days but here are some pics I did over the weekend not spectacular but decent for me. LOL

I need good work out songs, any ideas?

I have two that come to mind on the top of my head

My Chemical Romance- Thank you for the Venom *one of my fav songs of all time*

Well this weekend was nice and relaxing, hopefully work wont suck so much this week, last week was horrid!!! Night!

I made brownies!

Today was a very exciting day, I've been waiting for this day about 5 days shy of a year....what on earth am I talking about???? Today I had a voice in my head telling me to go to Paradise Bakery and so I followed the voice in my head anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd...........they had fiesta posole soup! One of the tastiest soups known to man! My day was made, silly I realize but its the little things in life that make me the happiest!

This past weekend I was in San Diego it was so relaxing, I needed it! Spending time with Tristan was so fun, made me realize even more that I'm not ready for a kid but being able to be around him is just what I need! He's pretty darn adorable though!

Tour de San Diego was good times. Brandon is an amazing photographer I'm anxious to see what comes of the rest of the pictures. Here's what he's posted so far!

Time for bed, night all, or one or none, wait who is reading this? haha

I'm a Punk Rock Rebel

My new obsession is downloading music from amazon.com....sure I'm paying for it but oh well. You can buy full length cd's for really cheap sometimes. Like I bought Millencolin's cd Home away from Home for $2.69. Its a shame I even had to buy it but the first copy I had broke from listening to it so much. haha.

I also got the new Jason Mraz cd, I haven't had a chance to listen yet but I love the song I'm yours.

The other new cd I got was Atreyu. Again haven't listened to it but I have heard some songs and I like what I've heard so far.

I'm in the process of updating my ZUNE so I can have all these cd's ready for the lonnnnnnnnng drive to San Diego this weekend!

I keep having dreams about two things, my grandma and work. I love the dreams with my grandma because I still feel like she is here is spirit with me. Last week I was talking to my co-worker about people dying and I mentioned my grandma and I got all choked up and my eyes got all watery. I really miss her.
I just don't know how I feel about dreaming about work. This is the second dream that I had over the weekend about work and its weird. ugh!

Anyways, not much else is up with me. Just ready for the weekend. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with my hair this weekend. I'm either going to do blond with red highlites *Which I've never done before* or just dye it red. I bet I will get there and end up doing something completely different, who knows?

I am pretty busy on this trip. I'm going to spend the day with my family on Saturday. Well I'm getting my hair done and I am taking my mom and steph to the Ceramics Cafe for a late mothers day present. I haven't figured out what else I wanna do that day but I def wanna see Tristan cause I'm sure he's huge since last month when I saw him!

Sunday is going to be a fun time. Brandon, Amanda, and I are going to be spending the day around San Diego taking pics. Brandon is a photographer and his passion has kinda drizzled on to me. Only I am not as serious about it and I don't have a sweet camera like him, but maybe one day. It should be fun and I don't have to drive so that's terrific.

I'm really glad we have been able to re-connect because he is a great guy! It's ashame he doesn't have a special lady in his life.

This past weekend was good. Friday I worked 7-11 and had the rest of the day to myself. I didn't end up doing anything exciting but going to Panda Express with Chad when he got home from work. Saturday, I worked 7-11 again and then went to lunch at Olive Garden. We tried going last weekend for mothers day but it was so packed so it was a late mothers day present! Saturday night we went on a double date with one of Chad's co-workers and his girlfriend. It ended up being a fun time. It started at Outback for dinner and I was so psyched when the waiter said they had potato soup I said "YESSSSSSSSSS" so loud. LOL.

Dinner was good, after we went to this bar to shoot pool. We played 4 or so games of pool and then played shuffle board which was really fun but it kinda dragged along. Finally, we played Darts and guess who is actually a really good dart player? That's right, me! I kicked ass! haha. It was a fun time and it was cool because Chad's co-workers gf grew up in San Diego and we actually went to the same school for kindergarten, until I moved to Santee. What a small world.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, really HOTT! It got to 106!

Anyways, there is the update on my life, if anyone cares. Have a Magnificent Monday!